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FAQ: 360 Real Estate Photography

How do we prepare for a 360 real estate photography panorama shoot before the photographer arrives at our property?

Firstly, make sure all the lights work, and are very easy to turn on. Also, make sure all the fans can be shut off when the lights are on. There should be no moving objects when the 360 panorama is being shot. Also, staging is extremely important. Have the property clean and free of clutter. Plan on having the property ready about 24 hours before the shoot.

How long does it take to shoot the property once the photographer arrives?

The photographer will spend about 1.5 hours walking the property to determine where to shoot first giving the changing lighting conditions of the day. After, depending on the number of panorama images shot, the photographer will shoot for about another 1.5 hours. 3 hours is a common visit for 6 to 8 panorama shoot.

Who has to be with the photographer while the photographer is present?

That all depends on your company policy. A salesperson or owner of the company should be with the photographer for at least the first 20 minutes to show the photographer how to turn on all the lights, and to introduce the photographer to the property. During the shoot it is not necessary for anyone to be with the photography.

How long does it take to get the virtual tours:

A typical 6 to 8 panorama image shoot will take about 7 days to deliver. A good rule of thumb is about a day per panorama shoot.

Who owns the panorama images?

You do. So if, for example, you sell the property, the images can be a part of the sale.

What about customizing the interface and making everything compatible with your current website?

No problem. Remember, we will deliver the content to you via a zip file or cd. And most importantly, your webmaster will be able to easily work with our delivered content, because we deliver using simple html that can easily be modified or added to by any webmaster. We do this by design for flexibility down the road. And we can do this because we hand code all our user interfaces, thus keeping our code extrememly clean for the next person. If you would like us to do some customization, simply ask and we would be happy to help.

What about hosting?

We will host the virtual tours for up to one year. This will give you plenty of time to put them on your servers. If you choose, you can keep the hosting with us for a small fee, after the first year.

How do you pay?

50% down, and 50% due upon delivery of the virtual tours. Also, if you would like a discount, we offer 2/10 net 30, terms. We will give you a 2 % discount if you deliver final payment to us within 10 days after delivery of the virtual tours, otherwise the full remaining 50% is due within 30 days.

How far in advance should you book or tours?

We are busy. Get your project in line as soon as possible. A 30 to 60 day wait period is common.

How does BajaVT compare with the competition?

Please visit as many competitor websites as possible. We feel we are priced competively with the few top quality producers that specialize in 360 panoramas. But we feel as if we stand alone in price and quality when it comes specifically to 360 real estate photography.

Who to contact?

Mario Restrepo
PO Box 531588
San Diego, CA 92153

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