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About Baja VT: 360 Real Estate Photography

Who and Why Baja VT

I started shooting virtual tours just to market my own vacation rentals. I had great success in getting more bookings for my vacation rentals when I would include excellent visual web content. I found that most virtual tours and real estate photography found on the web was horrible. So I started to improve on it to grow my own business. If you go to my old virtual tour beginnings link, you will see that my quality once was not great either. It really takes a long time to get good at shooting 360 real estate photography.

When I was studying at San Diego State University, I had a second place here in Baja at the K38 surfing areas. I loved surfing down in Baja and staying away from the party scene on campus. The quiet time I had studying in Baja is one of the main reasons why I graduated with honors.

Years later, I have moved back to the K38 surfing area. From here I service all of San Diego County, and northern Baja with 360 real estate photography shoots. And I of course get to surf a lot of uncrowded waves in between. If you call me, I can give you a surf report down here. Or I can also proudly shoot high quality 360 real estate photography for your business or property, whether you are in San Diego, Baja, or anywhere in North America.

A side note: There is some negative publicity here in Baja now about the crime. The crime problem is true, but it is focused on well-to-do Mexican business owners. I fully appreciate all the governments efforts to stop this crime. But it is important to know that visitors are still enjoying themselves here in Baja, and should feel safe to come down to visit. Baja is growing in leaps and bounds, and I hope you can come down one day to enjoy it.

Thank you so much for looking at my website.

Mario Restrepo
PO Box 531588
San Diego, CA 92153

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